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Title: Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 1Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 1 | Anthology
Edited by Kelli Collins and Jaid Black
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Reviewed by Reviewer
Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Temptation at its Darkest!

Captain of Nara’s Heart by Laurann Dohner

Nara Barns,shuttle Captain about to become an involuntary sex worker when she’s caught trading things she’s not supposed to avoids being auctioned to the weird looking aliens when she agrees to be sold to another Captain with an unusual (to say the least) requirement. Although making it with tall, sexy, in heat Captain Vellar doesn’t seem such a tough assignment,keeping her heart in tact might be.

This one was good from the beginning and to tell the truth I hope it’s taken and blown into a full novel,for there were a few things that just didn’t get enough attention-such as traditions, how things came to pass as they did for the good Captains, etc. Although this does encompass all the criteria to make it a good story and fully engages the imagination I wanted more, which perhaps is the intent?

Dragon Heat by Mel Tescho

Betrayal is a dish best not served at all; yet it seems that Grace is about to find it a dish served to her once she’s found her latest target-the sexy dragon-shifter who shows her what it means to become the hunted and what betrayal her agency plans. As an operative skilled in tracking and if necessary, killing paranormal creatures,she finds herself “caught” by the sensual pleasures he gives her as they elude their hunters.

This one flowed fairly smoothly,but there were a couple of places where it kind of lost my attention and I had to re-read it to pick up the story again. The premise is good,the sex hot, the characters both strong and smart, but too short to present the entire tale without more background on both.

Dangerous Addiction by Desiree Holt

When a man is ready to settle down after finally being able to facilitate his dream of owning his own place,that man is lucky to find the perfect woman and find her quickly. Only Fallon has been abused by her ex-Dom and that means Cord has to be willing to show her he’s the man she needs as well as the lifestyle with a little bit of bondage, incredible sex-include expert flogging- but mostly a gentle hand and loving heart.

I don’t usually like a lot of the bondage, but mostly it was so well written that it was actually stimulating. That said, I can’t help, but wonder about submission after abuse and the possible effects on a person. The story was strong, the characters vivid and the descriptives easily pictured within the mind.

Highland Tryst by Eliza Knight

Being totally against men and love, wouldn’t you know a hunk of Highland male would literally fall at Kari Howard’s feet causing her to forget that promise to stay away from all men? There’s nothing like there being nothing other than all man beneath that kilt he’s wearing and Fin shows Kari he knows exactly what to do to rock her world. After all a man who has travelled through time should be able to show a woman how a man can truly cherish her, shouldn’t he?

It was quick, it was hot- maybe not totally believable, but still fun. Where’s a Highlander when you need one?

Tattoo Witch by Kathy Kulig

Sinful Designs,not just a name but an occupation as Sam and Anita find when they go there after being referred by another tattooed couple  The witch who owns it can give you your wildest fantasy with a magical tattoo,but it comes with a price- each one comes with it’s own dark and hoary curse. The spells can be broken,but at what cost- and are they willing to pay it?

This one was just plain good. It spoke to the darkness within and made me wonder if I would be willing to pay or break the curse. Incredible sex, temptation at its darkest and strength of character.

The Addiction by Jaid Black

When you realize that you have everything you thought you wanted and that’s not enough,what do you do? That’s what John Calder wants to know. He has the money,material things, business acumen and any woman at the flick of a finger. Enter Shelli Rodgers -klutz extraordinaire- who teaches him the one thing he’s never learned; the art of being happy.

I want to read more of these two. I have so many questions left unanswered and these guys just seem to belong together, yet the getting there is so quick that I feel a bit like that red-headed step-child; on the perimeter.

Over-all I enjoyed this anthology and if you’re looking for something that has multiple reads that are quicker than novels this is great for it can be parcelled out and enjoyed in increments. It has a bit of something for multi-tastes and is a great way to curl up with some cocoa.

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