#Review: Sold for the Greek’s Heir by Lynne Graham

Sold for the Greek’s Heir by Lynne Graham

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Sold for the Greek's Heir

I’m reviewing Sold for the Greek’s Heir, by Lynne Graham. Gosh! I think I may have rambled on too much with this one… Here’s what I thought:

^^ Now, I’ve always considered myself not a typical Mills and Boon reader, but I’ve picked up a few recently and been pleasantly surprised how enjoyable they are. There’s much more to these books than just an airy-fairy romance. They’re meatier than you think, whilst still keeping that lovely romantic element to them, which are key to these books.

^^ Take this one for instance, at only 197 pages it’s a short read, but it’s packed with family drama, a will-they-won’t-they romance, and you get a guaranteed happy ever after.

^^ Lucy was treated badly by her boyfriend, Jax, a couple of years back, and just before he dumped her she discovered she was pregnant. She tried to do the honourable thing and tell him, but when she went back she was removed from his premises by his staff with no explanation. What had happened for him to do this to her? Admittedly, he’s got money, and has a bit of a playboy attitude, but that’s still no excuse to treat her so badly, even if he had just grown bored of her.

^^ Now, back to the present time, Jax is back in her life, and there’s an undeniable chemistry between them they’re finding hard to escape, but can she forgive him for dumping her like that? And what of their child? What if he finds out about her and wants to take her away from him? Lucy is not one to go down without a fight if needs be, but Jax can be very domineering. He also has a lot of money, and with money comes power.

^^ I like Lynne Graham’s work. In the past I’ve also read authors like Ally Blake, Kate Hardy and Kim Lawrence, and enjoyed them, too; enough to keep coming back for more!

^^ I was lucky enough to get this copy from Netgalley, however, I didn’t realise this was a final book in a series of three. It doesn’t say on the cover and it’s not until I looked it up on GoodReads to add it to my TBR pile, that I realised this. With this in mind, I have to say how we meet Lucy’s sisters towards the very end of the book. They’re fun characters, who’d just met, but the book finished before we got to know them. I had a assumed they’d be in a follow on book, where they’d be featured more heavily as the new-to-Lucy family. But upon my research, I’ve discovered they were in the previous books. So this story pretty much reads as a standalone anyway.

Overall: This was much better than I anticipated. The romance is well written, and there’s plenty of family drama to get involved in and of course, it has a lovely happily ever after romance readers all know and love.

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2 thoughts on “#Review: Sold for the Greek’s Heir by Lynne Graham

  1. I enjoy this genre in the summer. Something about reading outside by the pool and a good romance. LOL And I like family drama. Gald you enjoyed it.

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