REVIEW: Silk Panties, Del Fantasma Series by Celia Kyle from Aspen Mountain Press

Title: Silk Panties, Del Fantasma series

Author: Celia Kyle
Website of Author:
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal
Publication date: February 2008
Rating: Erotic Contemporary Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60168-084-6
Length: 51 Pages
Format: e-book

How does a woman get over a pig of an ex? By going to Del Fantasma to hook up with an incredibly hot hunk for a night of fantastic sex. At least that’s what Lisa Bradenton hoped to accomplish when she allowed her friends to set things in motion. What she didn’t count on was the instant, hot attraction she felt for Del Fantasma’s manager/bartender, Jonathon. Then again, that’s why she’s wearing those silk panties, right?

What does a panther do when it suddenly senses its mate? Make sure every male who comes within ten feet knows it’s “hands off”. Imagine Jonathon’s surprise when he finds his in the lush curves of a woman out for a “one-nighter”. He must find a way to convince her he’s her future, and, um, tell her about the “claiming” thing, too.

I am a big fan of this series. The stories have always been as interesting and varied as the authors who penned them, yet infused with a humor that make them fun to read. Celia Kyle has kept that going with a strong woman and a stronger man/shifter. The sex kept me wiping my brow, but it was the emotional pull that made it work for me. I find my biggest disappointment is that they are not long enough for a fuller growth of the characters, but maybe there is an expansion in the future?

About the Author:

Celia would have loved to have written her own biography, but she just didn’t know what to say. In a fit of desperation, she turned to me, her most trusted confidant and friend. I realize you’re asking yourself, “Who is this?” I am Cali, her cat. I also go by a few other names, but those may be too strong for your delicate ears. Suffice it to say my mommy is very creative and not just with writing. My mommy, Celia, began writing in August of 2006. I know this because it was around that time our meals started coming later and later in the day. As months passed, she spent more and more time in front of the boring screen. Though it was fun to chase the little arrow around every once in a while. You should hear her scream! But I digress. She’s worked hard to give readers sexy, quirky heroines they can relate to. And you better damn well appreciate it. All I got was late night feedings. And I didn’t even make it into one of her books by name! That damn kitten, Katie O’Meghan, did. Bitch. Well, enjoy her writings and if you want to praise her for her work… don’t. I’d like to get fed at some point, people.

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