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Title: Shattered Melody, Mercy Kill 1
Author: Michael Barnette
Website of Author:
Publisher: Mojocastle Press, LLC
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Yaoi/Manga, Mystery/Suspense, Paranormal, GLBT
Publication date: 2006
Publisher Rating: The Iron Maiden
ISBN: 1-60180-01609
Length: Epic
Format: e-book
Reviewer: Aris

Takeshi, stage name Kei, Juro, stage name Maki and Akira stage name Hana made up the band Mercy Kill. Kita was their handler, manager. She helped them develop from just a small time group to the successful band they are now. Their first time on a big stage, opening for another
band was such a rush. It is such a shame that such a moment had to end in her murder with Juro shot as well. He might never play base again.

As tragedy struck the band was swept up into a world of deceit and corruption. The police were helping to cover up the murder and actually tried for several hours to get Takeshi to confess to killing her himself. They also worked on the sweet gentle Akira trying to intimidate him into saying that Takeshi did it, till he passed out with exhaustion. With no one left to turn to for help they had to find a way to figure out who had killed her and why.

This was an interesting story but moved fairly slow, through a lot of mourning and grief as the three band members stumbled through the aftermath of Kita’s death. They learned to depend only on each other as fate seemed destined to land them in jail for a murder they did not commit. There was so much sadness it was hard to read at times. Such a senseless tragedy but together they would stand always and forever in their love for each other. It is a story of strong commitment to survival against unbearable odds.

About the Author:
Michael Barnette once played drums and second lead guitar in a small metal band called Deamondrems. He wrote the lyrics to most of their original songs and could frequently be found hanging out at local music stores playing guitar with a silver Mercury dime given to him by his grandfather. He now resides in a small Midwest town. Michael has never been to Japan, although he very much wants to go there someday.

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