REVIEW: Shaking off the Dust by Rhianna Samuels from Samhain Publishing

Title: Shaking off the Dust
Author: Rhianna Samuels
Website of Author:
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance
Publication date: January 2008
Rating: Adult/R
ISBN: 1-59998-851-8
Length: Plus Novel
Format: e-book

Being used as a lightning rod while holding the lid to an urn of ashes is not Hannah Campbell’s idea of a grand old time. But then, neither is breathing in said ashes and waking up to find the former owner telling you you have to help him. Hannah’s supposed to convince his best friend, Takeshi, that not only is she NOT crazy, but that Takeshi has to help her stop another terrorist bombing. All to be done with Tom’s—the snipy ghost’s—help, of course. Oh, sure, Takeshi’s just going to say “let’s get right on it” isn’t he? Why, then, is she so willing to help? Hannah knows the ghost and thinks he may be right about the possibility of another attack.

Takeshi Shimodo has been best friends with neurosurgeon Tom Mecurio since their first year of college. Attending Tom’s very public funeral, he witnesses Hannah being burned by the lightning and is the first to reach her. He finds himself attracted to this incredibly sassywoman who’s presented him with evidence he can’t refute, and is drawn into helping her try and hopefully stop, another attack in Spain. By contacting friends in the FBI and abroad, a series of events is set into motion that place not only himself, but Hannah and others in danger.

Once a neurosurgeon, now a ghost with a mission, Tom Mecurio won’t walk into the light until he helps to prevent a potentially large-scale terrorist attack. Known for being a brusque, dispassionate personality, it seems becoming dead has softened the rougher edges, making him almost likable.

I found the mix of personalities in this truly refreshing. Hannah—witchy woman with a huge heart; Takeshi—confident, compassionate with his own penance to pay; and Tom—hard, dispassionate, yet truly longing to be loved. There is enough action to satisfy my interest, steamy sex to keep me wishing for a Takeshi of my own, but it was the emotional despair of the deceased who felt unable to walk into the light for whatever reason that kept me turning the pages. I usually don’t read first person point of view, but Ms. Samuels, you did a great job.

About the Author:

Rhianna Samuels has an extensive background as a critical care nurse. Currently she works in the emergency room at a trauma center. She spends a normal day being prepared for the worst-case scenario. She prefers to write about paranormal, where she can control everything. She lives with her books, large-screen TV, and laptop computer in Indiana.

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