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Shakespeared or Wally and the Fairy Queen
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A nerd doing a part in A Midsummer Night’s Dream opposite his perception of the ideal woman,down to and including the fact that she actually sees him,Wally Chambers amidst the donkey makeup he wears as Bottom so the “star” doesn’t have to;reality at it’s finest- or is it?

Audrey Flax is considered a sex kitten-body and not a lot of brains- with no emotions to speak of, until she plays opposite a man who falls into her the same as she into him and the scene simply plays as a magical reality.Yet thorns grow in magic land as the male lead Regis Fillmore has run up some debts that thugs are ready to take out of his hide, mistaken identity leads them to Wally and unrequited love has its own dismal threads.There may be more than those seen watching the play; who is the stranger in the castle?

It’s been more years than I remember since I read this play and even though I’ve seen it done on PBS it’s been quite awhile for that, too, but I’ve always enjoyed it and this contemporary spin with a twist or two of it’s own has been entertaining. I don’t usually like something this short as it usually lacks a bit in the telling and while this could have done with a bit of thickening it works quite well as it is with it’s concise telling of how things go from A to B, but to have strung out the romanticism just a wee bit would have made it a little more of a “night’s” tale. As always it’s just my opinion and this is a good read if you’re looking for something that’s quick.


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