REVIEW: Sex Me Replete, Children of the Triad 3 by Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh from eXtasy Books

Title: Sex Me Replete, Children of the Triad Series Book 3
Author: Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh
Website of Author:
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Sci-fi/Shapeshifter/Vampire/Menage (M/F/M)
Publication date: January 2008
Rating: 5 Flames
ISBN: 978-1-55487-004-2
Length: 76 pages
Format: e-book PDF

Jerineau Arden had done all she could. Sealing her self in the stasis
pod she could only hope the autopilot would set the ship down before something else failed. As the last of the Amazonian warriors she is looking for a planet for her all female crew. They would have to start life over, hopefully they would find men as well.

The first planet the Hienial ships decided to search was Silian Prime. Michal Dare, Prince of the Savari people, he had a feeling about this planet and had suggested it as the first stop. It was a gut reaction since only males Halflings should be on the planet, but he was sure his mate was near.

Roman and his twin brother Royce Dri’Vane the most formidable warrior pair on their planet they were always prepared for some attack. No one would ever enslave them again. When a craft crash landed they went into battle mode. Upon reaching the craft they sensed their mate was onboard but another craft had landed as well.

Michal was the first of the children of the triad to form Menage a quatre. It would be an interesting match with an Amazonian woman and twin Halfling warriors. Even more passion, tenderness, and love surrounds the joining of mates as the four bond. All is not peaceful however, as a long dead evil rears up again. The series gets more interesting as new worlds and new dangers approach.

“The Inside Story” as told by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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