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Review - Tarah Scott's Seduced

Welcome to our latest review. Here’s what Amy Romine thinks about Seduced by Tarah Scott, a historical, fantasy romance.

80% Erotic 20% Plot – A Matter of Taste

Let me start out with the disclaimer that I am not a romance fan. That is to say my romance taste is wrapped in suspense, thrill, action, adventure, scifi, etc. Rarely can I stomach a straight romance — thus rarely do I knowingly chose to read straight romance. In the case of Seduced, by Tarah Scott I read the book based on the blurb which to me did not describe the book as a straight romance. 

Rating: 3 out of 5.


It’s a Mississippi Deputy Sheriff’s duty to bring a serial killer to justice…even when he’s a three hundred year old Scottish lord. It’s an SAS agent’s duty to save her.
With each passing day, Lord Colin Morrison grows more furious…and more desperate. In three hundred years, not one of the women who shared his bed broke the spell that imprisoned him in Castle Morrison. Margot Saulnier is different. She can save him. All she has to do is give in to her desire for him. Then die.
Deputy Sheriff Margot Saulnier knows her best friend murdered her husband—Margot’s cousin—but she can’t prove it. Now, four years later, out of the blue, Cat calls Margot from Scotland and invites her to visit. Margot turns in her badge and leaves Mississippi. This time, she’ll do whatever it takes to prove Cat murdered Donny. Margot didn’t plan on falling in love with an SAS Agent—or a three-hundred-year-old Scottish lord. Now she must choose.
SAS Agent Charles McNeil is going to keep Margot Saulnier out of trouble—whether she likes it or not. He understands her need for justice, but with no proof and no authority, she’s headed for serious trouble. So is he. Charles didn’t plan on falling in love with Margot. Neither did he plan on saving her from a serial killer.

I thought this book was going to have a ton more plot than romance and eroticism. This is not the case. If I had known this I would have not read the book as it is not my taste. I did, however, chose to read the book and so here is my review as posted on Amazon and Goodreads.  

This is a heavy romance with a lot of passion. Light on the story but is not lacking in hot and steamy scenes. The attempt at character and plot by the author is weak and I wanted more. More depth, more mystery, more excitement to make it a more enthralling, interesting read. 

In the plot that was conceived, I got a little lost in the mix. Who is who and I admit I wanted more depth in the folds of all of the erotic play. Overall, a good read but I will admit I prefer more plot than sex and this is definitely the opposite.

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