REVIEW: Secret Submission ~ Diane Hunter ~ Ellora’s Cave

Title: Secret Submission

Author: Diane Hunter

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Website of Publisher:

Genre: Erotica/BDSM

Rating: E-rotic

Publication date: 2007

ISBN: 1843607549

Length: Plus Novel

Format: eBook

Wow and I really mean WOW!  

The perfect portrait of an incredible
Dominate/Submissive relationship.

"A year after the death of her husband
Sarah Parker is ready to move on with her life. She meets Phillip
Townsend and a only month later they are engaged and Sarah is
also committed to being his slave.In the short time they have know
each other Phillip has taken her to the heights of sexuality she never
dreamed existed. "
This is how I began the review of the sequel "Submission Revealed" which
I read
first. I thought "Secrete Submission" would be a slow reading story
of how they
met and came to play with the idea of being Master/slave
before committing to a
deeper relationship of the second book. I had no
idea what I was missing. In that
short month, just 4 weekends actually,
Sarah grows to understand herself in a way
that would not have been
possible without the distinctive tutelage of her
Master Phillip Townsend.
It in no way starts out, continues, or finishes as a slow
read. Each
weekend that they are together is choreographed by Phillip to test
willingness to submit, as well as to test his feelings for her. He is
looking for
the perfect slave, not just someone to master, but someone
to give his heart to. He
is looking for someone to love and love him in
return in complete abandon. He pushes
her to greater heights of ecstasy
and internal growth not only for her benefit but to
see if she is really the
one woman he can love completely.

As readers we expect the happily ever after in romance books even in the
erotic BDSM
stories. However, reading the second book first kind of felt like
reading the end
before the beginning.I knew they would commit to each
other, but still was tempted
enough to read the first book to see how they
met. The fact that the met picking up
the same orange in the grocery, and
had a few dates was all I was expecting. The book
was a wonderful surprise.
The insight Phillip has as he deals with Sarah is paramount
in the story. It is
not his need to control as much as it is his need to let her soar
as she opens
up and allows the secret parts of her being out into the light of day.

This is a story of dramatic growth of a woman's heart, mind and body.
erotic and compassionate in a wrapping of a Dominant/Submissive
It is ultimately a story of a love that grows deep for both
partners. The erotic
sexuality brings the reader right into the story and
ignites the fantasy we each have
of the ultimate pleasure in the arms of
someone we love no matter the flavour
of that pleasure. It definitely sizzles
and brings fantasy to life. Anyone would be
fortunate to have that kind of
relationship. If you like this you will also like
"Unbound Commitment" by
Sierra Cartwright. Although Secret Submission was written
first and is the
beginning of their story, I recommend reading Submission Revealed
It will put this beginning in a whole new light.

About the Author

For many years, Diana Hunter confined herself to mainstream writings. Her
in the world of dominance and submission, dormant for years,
bloomed when she met
a man who was willing to let her explore the
submissive side of her personality.
In her academic approach to learning
about the lifestyle, she discovered hundreds
of short stories that existed on
the topic, but none of them seemed to express her
view of a d/s relationship.
Challenged by a friend to write a better one, she wrote
her first BDSM novel,
Secret Submission, published by Ellora's Cave Publishing.

Reviewed by

Aris Reviewer

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