REVIEW: Rough Justice ~ Lee Pierce ~ Virtual Tales ~ Action/Adventure Western

Title: Rough Justice
Author: Lee Pierce
Publisher: Virtual Tales
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Action/Adventure Western
Publication Date: August 24, 2007
ISBN: 0-9782157-6-1
Length: 221 pages
Format: eBook

Rough Justice is a historical western, but has all the elements of a good mystery-a kidnapping, criminals, crime scene, witnesses, and a Texas Ranger. A used-to-be Texas Ranger, that is.

Silverjack McDonald-used to be Texas ranger, now gunslinger and growing too old for the roaming life–is returning home to Justiceburg, Texas, to marry
his lady love and settle down.

Trouble is, she’s not there. Instead, she’s been abducted along with a few other women who worked at what Silverjack calls ‘the best brothel in the Texas panhandle.’ As a result, Silverjack takes on the job of finding the kidnappers and the women they took. Against his brother’s advice, he collects a hardy group of men and, then–it’s time to mete out Rough Justice.

I grew up watching westerns which were one of my most favorite television shows. The guns flashing as the triggers were pulled and bad men dropping all over as a result was, to me, very satisfying and meant good always triumphed over evil. Singing heroes like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and others come to mind as I read about Silverjack Mcdonald, even though Silverjack doesn’t sing. Great story, Lee Pierce, and one a western fan will want to read. All mystery lovers should like it as well because it does present a mystery complete with investigation and all its trappings.

About the Author:

Lee Pierce was born in 1875 in Central Texas. He was a cowboy, deputy sheriff, blacksmith, and finally a peanut farmer. He spent his whole life in Texas and was proud of that fact. He married a German immigrant in 1905 and they raised six kids together. Lee never had much but he never complained. He would sit out on the porch, smoke Prince Albert tobacco in his briar pipe and tell stories about his life. I was two years old when I first met him.

When I was six, I begged him to let me smoke his pipe. He filled it full of tobacco, lit it and handed it to me. That was the nastiest thing I ever put into my mouth. He made me smoke the entire pipe full of Prince Albert. I was sick all night. He is the reason I have never smoked again. I owe him a debt of gratitude for what he did. He taught me a lot of things. He was my Great-Grandfather. I chose the pen name of Lee Pierce to honor him.

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson
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