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Title: Raven Possession
Author: habu
Publisher: eXcessica
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Historical
Publication date:
Publisher’s Rating: excess 3
Length: Novel
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

Determined to leave the small town life and her minister father behind and see everything of the world possible, Ada Raven set out to make all her plans come to fruition. Being an intelligent girl, she spent the next sixty years making life go as far in the direction she wanted it to as she possibly could. She just didn’t realize that one man was every bit as determined to make it go in the direction he wanted it to go—until it was far too late to stop it.

William Hagen has always waited patiently for Ada to recognize how right for her he is—not realizing his patience is what is costing him headway. J.H. Kincaid has manipulated control of not only Ada, but three generations of the men she loves more than life. Only at the end does it come home to roost in a most unpleasant manner.

This was for me a most unusual read as it covered a much larger lifespan in greater detail than most reads. I found it intriguing, resourceful, full of incredible sex, and yet there were still instances of innocence even as she got older. I do, however, love the ending insofar as I think it reveals a great twist. This made me think, made me feel and at a couple places even kinda made me angry at the characters. To me that’s the sign of a good read—when you get that involved.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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