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Rapture’s Claim by Lee Pearce

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Review by WitchGiggles
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lizzy Greenley, female werewolf, who up until this moment thought she knew where her life was going. Now she wonders if this train-wreck she’s trying to muddle through will ever approximate her original plans for a life with football boyfriend, Jeremy Sanderson. All she wanted was to marry him, have babies, raise horses and teach. Now she’d appreciate just staying ahead of those hot on their trail.

Jeremy has been taking an enhanced steroid made from werewolf blood known as W. The problem? He’s human and this drug tends to have consequences to it that make it illegal to administer to anyone. To save his life, Libby breaks the law, now they’re both on the run-from the pack, rogues and trial.

I have to admit that the romantic scenes need a bit of polishing in this one as they came across a bit repetitive and bland, but the premise is good, the plot strong and the characters memorable. Just when I got comfortable with where things were going there would be a new element added to send it in a bit of a different direction, which kept it interesting. There were a few places where some of these twists weren’t as smooth as they could have been, but they were minor.

The segues into the erotic scenes were a bit stilted at times making me go back and re-read the beginning of it to see if perhaps I read it too quickly. The strong plot and hearty characters still make Lee Pearce‘s, Rapture’s Claim, a good read.

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