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Primeval: Extinction Event by Dan Abnett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m reviewing Primeval: Extinction Event. Here are my thoughts:Primeval: Extinction Event

^^ When Cutter, Abby, and Conner are kidnapped, Jenny and Hemple go to search for them with the help of Helen, Cutter’s estranged wife. Helen appears to know more than she is letting on, but they have no choice than to trust her if they are to get their crew back in one piece. Plus, they are running out of time, if normal operational activity is not resumed soon, the MOD will step in and cancel the entire research project.

^^ It’s a dangerous mission and they discover themselves in Siberia, face to face with what the Russians call the Baba Yaga, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Not only that, but the anomalies appear to be more frequent and open for longer, which allows all sorts of visitors from sixty-five million years ago to enter our time period causing destruction and mayhem along the way. Someone must know the truth about what is happening, but who?

^^ British TV has never had it so good with this science fiction series, with the exception of Dr. Who, of course. So, I was pleased to review this book to see how they compared. It didn’t disappoint.

^^ The main characters keep true to their TV roles, although I could have done without Helen being in it. She just seemed to be a spare part. It’s also a monster of a story, nearly three hundred pages long with very small print, which took some time getting through.

^^ Despite this, it’s packed with time-travelling dinosaurs, and has a fast-paced, riveting plot that concerns an impact point similar to that of the Tunguska asteroid strike in 1908.

^^ I would definitely recommend this to all science fiction fans who should be stampeding towards the shelves for this and the rest in the Primeval series quicker than one can say “Ceratopsian”.

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  1. I need this book. Sounds so me! I’m reading a science fiction book with dinosaurs that’s got lots of action and fun. Horizon Alpha. Pretty good so far.

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