REVIEW: Positions of Love Series: Book 1: by J. M Snyder from Amber Quill

Book Series: The Positions of Love
Author: J. M. Snyder
Publisher: Amber Quill
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Gay/Fantasy/Superheroes
Publication date: 2007 -2008
ISBN: 976-1-60272-173-9
Book One Length: Extended Amber Kiss (16k words)
Publisher Heat Rating: level 3

Format: e-book
Reviewer: Aris

Book I : The Positions of Love

The story begins with Matt giving Vic, his new lover, a copy of the Kama Sutra for Gay Men. At first Vic is confused and believes Matt is not happy with him as a lover, but when Matt explains that he thought the book would help them keep track of what super powers are triggered by each position, Vic is all for it. Some of the positions start really great powers. Other positions trigger powers that he would rather not have.

This first book has Vic struggling to find the perfect Christmas present for Matt. It is rather difficult given the short time they have known each other and Matt’s inexperience with holiday giving.

Book II : Two Pillars Position

Publication date: 2008

Length: Short (7k words)

ISBN: 976-1-60272-185-2

In this second book the fun continues as a quickie at the gym where Matt is a swim instructor. Vic had stopped by to work out on the weights and used the Matt’s semi-private showers to clean up for work. When Matt joins Vic in the shower, the standing “Two Pillars” position produces some unwanted side effects.

Book III : Clasping Position

Publication date: 2008

Length: Short (6k words)

ISBN: 976-1-60272-205-7

In this third book they have made it to Valentine’s Day without death and destruction following in their wake, but as they enjoy the ‘Clasping Position’ before their expensive dinner out they have more to contend with that the price of dinner.

Book IV: Hammock Position

Publication date: 2008

Length: Short (8k words)

ISBN: 976-1-60272-226-2

In the fourth installment, spring finds them going on a short vacation to the James River. Will Matt’s power from the “Hammock Position” help save a bus full of children after a crazy driver puts them all in danger?

These four books are a tempting look at love and magic of a sort. Since the superpowers do not last very long, almost anything is endurable in their drive for passionate love, but some superpowers are definitely not worth repeating. Keeping track in the Positions of Love book seems like a great idea. These are short reads but uplifting and passionate. It is always interesting to find out what powers (good or bad) Snyder will have them experience next. The series continues so look for more of the Positions of Love.


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