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Plenish: Fuel Your Ambition: Plant-based juices and meal plans to power your goals by Kara Rosen

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This review is from: Plenish: Fuel Your Ambition: Plant-based juices and meal plans to power your goals (Paperback)

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I am reviewing the Plenish: Fuel Your Ambition: Plant-based juices and meal plans to power your goals. Here are my thoughts:

^^ Well I have to say that I’m one of those people who loves setting goals, and eating healthy. So when I discovered this book that oddly mixes both for a healthy lifestyle, it intrigued me.

^^ Author Kara M.L. Rosen starts the book discussing topics like fuelling your raw ambition, success and dreaming big, whilst maintaining a healthy goal-focussed lifestyle.

^^ She talks about a new breed entrepreneurs who are driven by passion not financial award and view their health and lifestyle as the physical and emotional foundation on which to build their success. This then leads on to “plenishing” your body with healthy plant recipes and smart plans; eating for a strong mind and body.

^^ From the juices and foods to gluten free gut and brain healthy meals and motivating roots, this book’s theme is both inspiring and healthy and can cover a wealth of information for anyone needing to succeed in their goals. Whether it’s to run a marathon, lose weight or get that well-deserved promotion.

^^ This first time I’ve come across a book that mixes health with success and while it may be not a totally new concept, it’s certainly a unique way to get empowered.

^^ There is even a section where some of the world’s most inspirational business leaders have shared what fuels their ambition, each with their own recipe to share.

^^ Alongside the recipes there are some colourful and delicious looking photos. There are also some useful tips, too. For example the author explains things like why you should always chose organic for some fruit and vegetables that are more exposed to dangerous pesticides. She also explains which plants are less of a worry, because they have a natural protective layer.

^^ I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. In particular, I rather enjoyed the three programmes at the back. They’re easily followed and can be changed to suit certain dietary requirements.

Overall: Plenish is a really fun book to guide you through your goals and with over 40 raw, cold-pressed, juice blends and goal focused menu plans you should have enough, as they say, to fuel your ambition, press on and crush it!

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