Review: Panasonic SC-ALL6EB-K 40 W Powerful Multi-Room Speaker

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I am reviewing the Panasonic SC-ALL6EB-K 40 W Powerful Multi-Room Speaker- Black. Here are my thoughts:

^^ The main thing I wanted this for was so I could connect this Panasonic speaker to my Alexa, and I am pleased to say that works really well. Just go to the Alexa app to set up the connection, or press the Bluetooth button on the speaker so it’s in search mode and ask Alexa to connect for you. Having Alexa connect means now I can keep the speaker in the kitchen and listen to music there without bothering anyone else in the room where Alexa sits (in my case the living room). However, she does turn off (to save power) if not used for a while, which can be a bit annoying for Alexa users. She also grabs the audio output when it connects, so if I connect to another Bluetooth device she will disconnect from the previous device.

^^ The above point leads me on nicely to the fact that the Panasonic does have AllPlay streaming abilities, meaning it can connect to this and also re-stream to other AllPlay enabled devices. So if you’ve got money to spend you can buy another SC-ALL6 speaker, or choose a different one (the top of the range SC-ALL9) and then you will be able to play the same music the same time in different rooms.
^^ This speaker includes a touch area with preset Internet radio channels, volume control, rear mode (for rear surround sound), aux, Bluetooth and standby on and off switch.
^^ In addition to Bluetooth, this also has the ability to connect to your home network (the NET button) by entering your WPS pairing code. Also useful for firmware updates. This works with the “Panasonic Music Streaming” app (which is free via GooglePlay or iOS) or your Internet browser.
^^ Oh this does so much, I can’t possibly go through all of it. Other great features include:
— 40W LincsD-Amp
— Also works with Spotify, Napster, Aupeo Personal Radio, AllPlay Radio.
— Hi-res audio support
— Can also be used as a surround speaker with Panasonic’s soundbar or used as a stereo pair with another ALL6. I’ve only got one, but in my opinion this would be the brilliant.
^^ Okay, let’s not forget the sound quality. Now this speaker really does play well, with a nice crisp tone that appears to fit all genres of music, from rock to classical, without being drowned out by the bass or too screechy with the high notes. Best of all it just works straight out of the box, with plug included.

^^ I like the smooth, sleek, well-made look of this speaker and love the way the buttons do not need to be pushed down to make them work; it’s more like gliding your finger across to activate the functions. The ALL6 can stand up on one end, or lay down; both ways have small pads to stand it on. It is compact, but large enough to feel more like a speaker of quality than a tiny, tinny thing and can stand up on one end, or lay down; both ways have small pads to keep it protected and stable.Overall: For what you get, I think Panasonic have done very well with the ALL6, which is a decent upper-range speaker for a reasonable price. I’m impressed!

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