REVIEW: One of the Guys by Shiloh Walker from Ellora’s Cave

Title: One of the Guys
Author: Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Contemporary
Rating: E-rotic
Publication date: December 2007
ISBN: 9781419913617
Length: Short Novel
Format: e-book

Jaynie’s fiancé had tried to get her into a ménage with his best
friend, to fulfil his fantasy not hers. Even though she read erotic
fiction she did not really want that in her life. He stopped mentioning it, however, when she found Dean and his friend in bed with the neighbour, but she new he had never really gotten over his fantasy. Now she would have to get over him. Jaynie wondered if he was right and that she didn’t know how to be a real woman. She did not want to be just one of the guys.

Brian had always taken care of Jaynie, and he knew he always would. She was his sister Kate’s best friend. But when she found her fiancé cheating on her and moved in with them for a while things became more complicated. After accidentally catching her coming out of the shower naked his world tipped. When she entered his workout room and dropped her robe and begged for his touch, he was lost. She said she only wanted a night to feel like a woman. Would one night be

The is a great story about how easy it is to overlook love when it is right under your nose. He was her best friend’s brother and always dependable. She even worked with him. She had just never let her imagination think of him as a lover, but now things had changed. The passion is deep and searing. This is a hot, sweet read.


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