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Omen Operation by Taylor BrookeOmen Operation

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I am reviewing the Omen Operation by Taylor Brooke (The Isolation Series, Book #1) by Taylor Brooke. Here are my thoughts:

^^ When a deadly virus takes over, Brooklyn and her high school friends are transported to a camp for safety. There they stay until one day, a couple of years later, they discover news that could mean things are very different on the outside world than they were lead to believe. Lies. Experiments. Government cover-ups. There’s all sorts of conspiracies flying around.

^^ Together they hatch a plan to escape, but it’s not as easy as they think. Especially when Porter, Brooklyn’s boyfriend, turns out to have more to do with the Operation than at first it would seem.

^^ The main character and her friends are strong, likeable people and very easy to root for. Especially when you discover how they’ve been treated, their betrayal and how deep the Operation’s conspiracies go. If I’d one niggle, it would be, could I forgive my boyfriend so easily for what he’s done? At the risk of spoiling the plot, I’ll say no more and let you decide.

^^ I do think that Gabriel, should have been called Gabrielle, to make it clear she is a girl. (Unless of course there is a reason for this, in later books – like she’s bisexual?). Even so, their close relationship made it (wrongly or rightly) easy to automatically assume Gabriel was a boy, so it got a bit confusing when too many “shes” were mentioned at the beginning, when we are first being introduced to who’s who.

^^ Despite this, Gabriel is actually one of my favourite characters. Previously a blonde high school cheerleader type, now with a passion for violence and the strength to match. Such a diverse character. I love her role in this book. In fact, all of these characters are pretty good, and well fleshed out.

^^ The author has a really good writing style, which makes for a fun, fast read. I must also add how much I love the three covers of this series.

^^ The romance between Brooke and Porter is also a big part of this story, so much so, I feel it can be classified as a romantic sci-fi adventure for young adults.

Overall: This is an intriguing young adult story, with lots of action and adventure. I really like the the premise and I’m looking forward to finishing the rest of the series. I’m practically finished book two, and the third and final (as far as I know) book is also in my TBR pile, and soon to be published.

I received this book via Xpresso Book Tours with no obligation to review.

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