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New Urban Farmer: From Plot to Plate by Celia Brooks BrownNew Urban Farmer: From Plot to Plate
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Eliminate food miles and grow your own!

This book couldn’t have come at a better time for me. My husband and I recently expressed an interest in having an allotment, and we had just started to clear the garden and try it out there. So although we don’t have an allotment as such, the main idea of this book is still the same for what we need. We are growing fruit and vegetables in order to be more organic and economical aware. Top that with eliminating food miles and supporting sustainability and this book has been our bible lately!

In a way it is a less formal “how to” book than I am used to, but written with plenty of good advice as though this is Celia Brooks Brown’s diary about her North London allotment, which is great to read and check to see if you are doing the right things at the right time of the month. Not much on pests and disease control, but then that is not really what this book is about and there are other books that go into depth on that side of things if that is what you are looking for.

I really like the additional features like the index at the beginning of each month, which quickly pinpoint
1) what is suitable to grow indoors or under glass,
2) outdoors direct in the soil,
3) in containers,
4) the harvesting month and
5) recipes and other information and their corresponding page numbers.

Incidentally, the inclusion of recipes in this book is something I found particularly pleasing. I’ve grown fruit and veg before, on a smaller scale than we are doing now, but it’s not always just ‘how’ to grow that I need, especially after harvesting quite often when you get too much you don’t know what to do with — it’s what to do with so much we also need help with!

Finally, I do like the way Celia reuses materials to keep expenses down. I’ve saved so much money by supplementing expensive items for my own versions, this book has been a blessing in disguise.

Overall: Whether you are growing fruit and veg at home or you own an allotment, this is definitely a fun book for you!
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