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Navarro’s Promise by Lora Leigh

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When man messes with genetics, sometimes he gets things he doesn’t understand even though he’s under the misconception he’s in control.

Mica Toler was supposed to be safe,everyone said so, but deep in her heart, she knew different; had always known it. There had been a chemistry between her and Blaine forever- a dark, mysterious intensity that drew them together and created a heat they both knew would come to a bad ending. Mica was a woman determined to live her life her way and if that meant staying away from Navarro, then stay  away she would, though he has an entirely different outcome in mind for them.

Now danger stalks Mica and Navarro has no intention of allowing Mica to leave his sight or her enemies to take his reason for being away from him- so if that means behaving like the animal she calls him ; so be it. As the danger converges upon the players, everyone is about to get a major lesson in what it means to let the animal free by stealing a Breed’s mate, even if she won’t allow herself to be fully claimed.

I adore books about shapeshifters, but I especially adore those who make them seem plausible, sexy, hot with an actual plot and sub plots as well as well defined characters. Lora Leigh has never failed to give me a book to read that holds my attention with all those requirements, but she also throws in a premise that is plausible as well as we have been working with genetic manipulation since the mid 20th century.

Most of all she makes me wonder what it would be like to have those abilities, live in the real world and struggle to find my place- again. I definitely keep these paperbacks as they are worth a re-read.

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