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My Sister by Michelle Adams

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I am reviewing the book, My Sister by Michelle Adams. Here are my thoughts:

^^ From the first page author Michelle Adams had me hooked. When Irini receives a phone call from her sister Elle, saying their mother had died, she’s immediately fearful. The death of her mother doesn’t bother so much (there’s reasons for this) what bothers her is the fact that her sister Elle has found her. Why has Irini been in hiding from her own sister? What could have happened between them for their relationship to end up this way? Why did Elle not even say how their mum died? Impatient for answers I read fast and furiously.

^^ As this story continues, reluctant Irini realises she is going to have to go and pay her respects and go back home. A home were her own family didn’t want her. But, this might be her last chance to find out the truth about why they picked her sister “to keep” over her. Could she really live the rest of her life never knowing?

^^ Throughout this story there’s a dark and dangerous theme, which made for an exhilarating fast read. Clearly one of the sisters is unstable. Manipulative. And quite frankly, if she doesn’t get her own way, very scary.

^^ The whole book is written in the first person point of view of Irini, the sister who has gone on to have a normal life without her family. I think this really helped to keep me involved in her story as it added a more personal narration. Like a friend telling me the whole gruesome story, in every last detail.

^^ In addition, I have to remind you that I absolutely loved the ARC cover, which really freaked me out when I opened the parcel. Imagine the scene. I was tired. It was late at night. Find out more here

Overall: I absolutely loved this book, never quite knowing how it was going to end because of all the twists and turns Ms Adams put me through. I really felt for the main character Irini, and found myself rooting for her all the way through this tense, exciting read. A fabulous début book!
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5 thoughts on “#Review: My Sister by Michelle Adams @MAdamswriter @millieseaward

  1. Got this one on my must read list. It sounds just twisted enough for me. Thanks for sharing your review! Makes me want to cheat and skip some review books to read this first. LOL

    1. HAHA! Yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes there’s that one book that slips to the top of the pile… magically. lol

    1. Thank you, Molly, you too! Yes, we do have very different book tastes, but this makes way for some fascinating discoveries. I love the comment challenge 🙂

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