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Title: Muddle Ocean
Author & Illustrator:
Ben Cort
Publisher: Campbell Books Ltd
Length: 8 magnetised
ISBN: 978-0230709546

Meet the Magical Treasures of Muddle Ocean

I’m a fan of Ben Cort’s work – think laugh your pants off ‘Aliens Love Underpants (Simon & Schuster)’ and you should get why I enjoy his illustrations so much. Kids pour all over his pictures. I wish I had his talent and could draw like he does!

Previously we had ‘Muddle Farm’ and ‘Muddle Jungle’ and now we get to see, Diver Dave, and all his friends making a splash as they swim around the colourful ‘Muddle Ocean’.

The book design is great. It has a handle and a clasp so that it looks like a briefcase and can be carried around as such. When placed on the floor or a flat surface the pages are heavy enough to stay flat, which I like, as children under 36 months of age, which this book is designed for, will be able to place the magnets onto the pages without any tricky pages springing back up.

On the front is a pocket for the magnets, that can be accessed from inside, thus keeping them safe. The magnets are Dave’s friends, sea creatures that can stick to the magnetised pages of the book. This, along with a simple story that’s only two lines in length across the top of each double spread and the beautiful drawings, will help encourage your children’s imagination to flow.

From my point of view this is quite educational, as I firmly believe that children should be encouraged to learn through play. What lurks down in the depths of Muddle Ocean is up to you and your children as you delve into Ben Cort’s magical treasures of the story building world.
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