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Title: Moonlight

Author: Keith Knapp
Website of Author:
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Genre: Horror
Publication date: 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4327-1565-6
Length: 465 pages
Format: Paperback / eBook

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

What happens in a small town when evil takes over? Moonlight is the story of an ordinary small town in which the people awaken to a time when anything electronic no longer works. But that’s not the worst of it.

Jennifer Adams, mayor of Westmont, Illinois, wakes up to a too-warm bedroom and realizes the air conditioner is not on. Her husband Stephen Adams is sound asleep as though the heat of summer can’t affect him. Unsuccessful at getting the AC to work, Jennifer dresses for work and silently tells her still-sleeping husband that he’d best find the reason for the electrical blackout and get it fixed pronto.
As Jennifer leaves her home for the office, she finds the blackout extends to cover the entire town. Before the day is finished, all vehicles are stalled where they died, a trench-coated Man is seen watching from the side of the street; and mangled, dead people are running wild attacking others, attacking vehicles, looting the now unattended stores, and chaos reigns. As mayor, Jennifer knows she must solve the problems and get life back to normal for everyone, but it’s an impossible task. She is forced to admit something or someone is controlling the town. How can one fight what one can’t identify? Come and follow Jennifer and a few others who try to keep their sanity while working to find a solution.
This story has elements similar Dean Koontz and his stories of mind-controllers, Stephen King and his story The Stand, and the zombie movies that have become so popular to today’s blood-and-gore-hungry people. Graphic violence and street-hardened profanity is plentiful. Keith Knapp’s writing will stretch your nerves taut as a high wire on which you try unsuccessfully to keep your balance. There are a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but the reader seems to ignore them as the story grips their imaginations.

Keith Knapp has been doing one form of writing or another all his life. He started with short stories. He, then, moved on to screenplays when he discovered a love for movies during high school. He received a “Best Unproduced Screenplay” award his senior year for the short teleplay The Melting Pot. After moving from Chicago (where he attended film school) to Los Angeles to pursue a screenwriting career, Keith eventually found himself turning a movie idea of his into his first novel, Moonlight. Since then he’s devoted himself full-time to writing novels. He currently lives in Van Nuys with his three cats.


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