#Review: Modern Girl’s Guide to Happy Hour @MillsandboonUk

The Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to: Happy Hour: The Perfect Stocking Filler for Feminists by Ada Adverse

My rating: 5 of 5 starsThe Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to: Happy Hour: The Perfect Stocking Filler for Feminists (Mills & Boon A-Zs, Book 2)

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I’m reviewing the Personalised Edition of this Mills and Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Happy Hour
Here are my thoughts:

^^ I ❤ this! Mills and Boon UK very kindly sent me a copy of this to review, and it was a complete surprise when it turned up with my name on. And such a fun one too! What’s more this is a genuinely funny, feisty, feminist foray into what it takes to be “Modern Girls” with a boozy social life in the 21st century!

^^ I’ve never actually had a personalised book with my name on, although I know they exist, they’re usually for children, so immediately just the cover made me smile. Then to add to my further delight I realised that inside, opposite each funny picture page, there’s even more pages with my name on.

^^ Although, in all honesty, the pictures are not funny on their own, it’s the comical captions that make them so! They’re so really well done. Ada Adverse is quite a comedian.

^^ I found the style of the old fashioned, black and white pictures helped to make this book even wittier, because of the sharp contrast which shows how much things have changed for women over the year.

^^ It’s set out as a unique and very handy A-Z guide: providing plenty of strategies for coping with Happy Hour, or at least explanations to why “it wasn’t me, it was the drink” .

^^ Would make the perfect gift for any modern, plain-speaking, down-to-earth girl, who likes to celebrate happy hour with an inexhaustible amount of gin — Or vodka. Or any of our modern day tipples — Whilst giving a perfectly manicured finger up to all those guys who’ve sent you unsolicited d*ck pics.

You know you shouldn’t look. But you do. haha!

^^ And like those pics, this book also comes in a variety of colours, types and preferences. Yep, there’s a whole range out there.

Overall: It’s hilarious. Especially if last minute off-license wine and Facebook stalking is your thing! Or if you’ve ever wondered if your cucumber in your artisan G&T counts towards your five a day. Yes. It’s THAT funny. hashtag moderngirls

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