REVIEW: Mating Net ~ Rowena Cherry ~ New Concepts Publishing

Title: Mating Net

Author: Rowena Cherry

Website of Author:

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Website of Publisher:

Genre: Futuristic Romance, Series,

Publication date: 2005*

ISBN: 0976539713

Length : 58 pages

Format: e-book

Trouble is brewing in the royal family on Tigron. The god-Emperior Djohn-Kronos has acceded the throne by killing his father after he chooses a wife other than his father wanted for him. His wife has died giving birth to twin sons and now he has decided to take a new wife, to produce more sons and to care for those he already has. He wants his twin brother’s betrothed. Pretending to be his brother he marries her while is brother is away at war. She is upset at the substitution of husbands and tries to get away. She only hopes her beloved will still want her.

I read this story first and it seemed lacking in that there was no ongoing plot. It is like a short scene in a larger work and should be read as a prequel in my opinion (i.e. after the main work). The other worldly context and culture is not explained as well in this story as in the novels and can make it difficult to follow some references. After reading “Insufficient Mating Material” this story makes a lot more since. It certainly fills in some gaps in the family lineage story line.

*Reviewed now because the new book “Insufficient Mating Material” has been released – and that review will follow.

About the Author:

Rowena Cherry is a self-described lifelong lurker and fact magpie.

Rowena’s youth was spent on the tiny British island of Guernsey: a mystical, idyllic setting with its prehistoric earth-goddess statues, Tudor Martello towers, underground gun emplacements, and legends of faery men.

A school chess champion and winner of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, Rowena went to ancient Cambridge University for her four-year combined honors degree in English and Education, after which she taught at an exclusive boarding school in Dorset. Eventually, Rowena met and married her auto designer husband, and now lives in Michigan USA. Readers can visit her on the web at

Reviewed by Aris Reviewer

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1 thought on “REVIEW: Mating Net ~ Rowena Cherry ~ New Concepts Publishing

  1. Thank you very much for your kind review, Aris.You are absolutely right that MATING NET is a prequel. It was written right after FORCED MATE, which was the first book in my Gods Of Tigron trilogy.One day, I hope to either expand MATING NET into a full length novel or else write a series of short stories around it, giving everyone the happy ending they deserve.To do so at this point would create a spoiler, I think.Best wishes,Rowena Cherry

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