REVIEW: Masked Submission ~ Claire Thompson ~ Ellora’s Cave

Author: Claire Thompson

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Website of Publisher:

Genre: Gay/BDSM

Rating: E-rotic

Publication date:

ISBN: 9781419910128

Length: Novel

Format: eBook

Dylan Reese is new in town and new on campus where he is an
Assistant Professor working on a PHD in History. He has just barely arrived when he runs into
an old friend who suggest he check out the underground gay BDSM club which is by invitation only.
Justin just happens to have an invitation for tonight that he can't use.
Dylan decides to go even though the club scene is not his style it could be just the thing before
Monday's classes begin. That one night however will change his mind. The masked Dom
he meets shortly after entering the club consumes his thoughts and he becomes obsessed with
the thought of meeting him again.
The intensity of the relationship that begins with lust at first sight is powerful.  This is a well-written
story of the passion of desire. To what lengths will Dylan go to try to win the love of the masked
man of his fantasy? What is it that draws him into the hunger for intimacy with this man that he
doesn't even know, is it the mask, the mystery, the dominance, or the man beneath it all. If he
uncovers the mystery will his desire be quenched, or will he be engulfed in its flame.
Reviewer: Aris 

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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1 thought on “REVIEW: Masked Submission ~ Claire Thompson ~ Ellora’s Cave

  1. Ari,Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review my novel! Most appreciated and thanks for the kind words! Love, Claire Thompson

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