REVIEW: Malignance: The Dark Ages Trilogy II by Sturmen Krieg from Cedar Hill Publishing

Title: Malignance: The Dark Ages Trilogy II
Author: Sturmen Krieg
Website of Author:
Publisher: Cedar Hill Publishing
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Action/Adventure/Thriller
Publication Date: July 2007
ISBN 13: 978-1-933324-92-0
Length: 318 pages
Format: eBook
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson,

Old habits die hard, they say. In Alexander Scott Richter’s case the old adage proves correct. Richter is a career military man. From the time he attended ROTC till now, decades later, his life consisted of danger, an element that forces a man to stay alert, be observant of surroundings and people, and be always on the ready to perform defensive measures. Special missions honed these abilities to perfection. So when Richter arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, to find his daughter’s grave, his eyes and mind took note of everything and everybody, even while making his way across familiar territory to the cemetery. He knew that danger could arise from any side and an unprepared person would suffer the consequences.

As he bowed before his daughter’s grave, he noticed a weird item almost hidden by the wilting flowers surrounding her grave. A claw, pincer, of some animal and Richter thought it might be a chicken’s claw. Richter visits his ex-wife and her new husband after the visit to his daughter’s grave. Leaving them with very little information, he visits the Sheriff’s office. As he talks to the Sheriff, Richter realizes he just can’t sit back and wait for the law to find his daughter’s killer. He learns nothing new and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Making enquiries about the “claw” and his daughter’s death stir up Madame Babineaux, Queen of Voodoo. As a result, Richter’s life is threatened by Madame’s henchmen and all his training as a mercenary is needed to keep him alive. After a man shoots at him and misses, Richter gives chase through the thick Mardi Gras crowd and the back streets of New Orleans. If not for a faithful friend shadowing his every move, he would have been shot in the back and left for dead. Richter takes over another man’s motorcycle and ends up in the Mississippi River. As a result of this chase, several people are shot, Richter loses the man and the Sheriff calls him in for interrogation.

Not long after the visit with the Sheriff, Richter is again attacked. Through this chase he arrives at the House of Dreams. However, Madame gets away and Richter finds himself chasing her. He admires her athletic ability even as he scorns her beliefs and attitudes toward children. The time comes when Richter has a chance to kill her, but the priest stands between them. The Sheriff arrives and the story ends with a satisfying wrap-up.

Malignance -The Dark Ages Trilogy II is superbly written. Good grammar, a bit too much description perhaps, and lots of suspense and action makes this book a must read for suspense and action readers everywhere. The story is filled with more chase than other elements, but it’s what happens during the chase that will excite the reader. I liked the story and recommend readers to read Ignoble – The Dark Ages Trilogy I found here:

Trilogy I tells about Richter’s beginnings as a member of special forces. Sturmen Krieg will soon have The Dark Ages Trilogy III on the market. Check the Readers Den website often.


Sturmen Krieg

Krieg is a retired US Army officer who served as an Intelligence Specialist for the US Army Security Agency (ASA), Korea, Germany, and the Continental United States (CONUS). He served as both an Infantry and Engineer Officer, and had the privilege to command the 256 BDE Engineer Company (Separate). Krieg is a director of 18 stage plays and 5 television productions (QPTV, NYC). He executive produced both stage plays and TV productions via raising funds in support of these creative ventures. He garnered editing and rewrite experience as a director of both stage plays and local TV. He underwent actor/director training at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in NYC and at the Herbert Berghoff (HB) Studios, also in NYC.

A Ph.D., Krieg teaches for Corinthian Colleges, Inc./Florida Metropolitan University (FMU)/Everest & Wyotech Online, February 2006 to present: teaching Computer Applications, Computer Networking and Systems Analysis & Design.

Krieg is married and has one child.


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