REVIEW: Mackey’s Back ~ Alexandra Vonn ~ Self-published ~ Romantic Suspense

Title: Mackey’s Back
Author: Alexandra Vonn
Website of Author:
Website of Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9821335-2-1
Length: 214 pages
Format: Adobe PDF eBook

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Tony Lee fell in love with a picture of Cordell Mackey. Problems with this – they both worked for IX9, she wasn’t supposed to know anything about the man before meeting him, she had to live a lie after meeting him, if — no, when she lost his trust once he learned what she was, she would have lost it forever. Benefits with this – since she was a psychologist she just may be able to help him, she’d found the man she wanted to marry, Cordell had found the family he needed so desperately.

So Tony Lee devised a plan to meet Mackey. A plan she felt wouldn’t work because Mackey was a very intelligent intelligence agent. Not CIA or FBI, but a secret organization called IX9 dealing with all sorts of problems from drugs trafficking to espionage. As Tony and Mackey became more acquainted, tension grew tighter in Tony’s chest. She had to confess before the relationship grew deeper, yet there was never a good time to do it. When a situation threatening Mackey’s very life arose, Tony laid aside her own worries to step in for Mackey’s sake thereby forcing a confrontation she’d worked hard to avoid. Her only worry now was – Will Mackey forgive her?

Alexandra Vonn explores the issue of ‘keeping secrets’ in a close relationship and what this could mean for the couple involved. As everyone already knows, absolute honesty is best, especially if the woman doesn’t want to lose the man. However, in Tony’s case, not only did Tony withhold the information that she knew all about Mackey, but coerced him into telling her more than he thought wise. The irony of it all, of course, is that Tony never recognized that if she expected complete honesty from Mackey, she could do no less than offer it to him. Ms. Vonn does a superb job exploring these issues that mean so much to a healthy relationship. Although some readers may argue that her writing should be tighter, her flair for expression is strong and acceptable in romance stories around the world. Her books are well worth reading. Visit her website to learn more and to see her other books.

About the author: Alexandra Vonn was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and has also lived in Merchantville, New Jersey, Annapolis, Maryland, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she graduated from Chatham College. She now resides in northern New Jersey. An avid baseball fan, she divides her free time between rooting for her beloved New York Yankees and waiting (and/or searching) for “Mr. You’ll Do.”

Visit and send her an email. Tell her you heard about Mackey’s Back from Lucille P Robinson at and she will send you a free copy of one of her books. Don’t forget to mention me and my email address. lol


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