#Review: Love Writing: How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction


Love Writing: How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction by Sue Moorcroft

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Essential Reading for the Budding Romance and Erotica Writer

Why did I chose to review Love Writing: How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction? Because it intrigued me, having read so many romance and erotica books, and also other non-fiction how-to writing books for many different genres. I’m not an author, but I do work from home and write for a living. In general I find these books useful as a guide for what I should look for in a book when reading and reviewing them. Plus they are a lot of fun!

This is a rather different ‘how-to’ book as I call them, whereas the author, Sue Moorcroft, who is an author herself plus a creative writing tutor for a distant learning, not only gives her point of few on a myriad of topics, but asks other well-known authors for their opinions.

Together they talk about writing your heroes and heroines, different archetypes, characterisation, viewpoint and voice. Then comes getting the emotion and mood right, adding the senses to scenes and the difference between sensual scenes and sizzling erotica. I particularly liked the act, react and interact information, which was followed by a very detailed look into plotting, which deals with everything from what the plot is, the prologue, opening hooks, right down to the setting, avoiding info-dump and editing. But Moorcroft and friends don’t stop there. They then move on to the crucial market study, defining your genre, and where to send your work when it is completed – and with what. For example, the dreaded synopsis, and covering letter. Finally, they get to the what happens next, once your work has been accepted – yes, more edits, deadlines, blurbs, promotion and finally money – if you are lucky. Phew!

A lot of work has been packed into this book, bringing us invaluable opinions of those authors who have experienced what the buyer of this book wants to find out. But the real work is putting theory into practice and writing your own romantic or erotic story. I found Love Writing: How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction a fascinating read, and learned quite a bit from this book. For those interested in the romantic and erotic genre this is certainly a detailed study of not only how to write but what goes on inside the industry, which is a major part of any research an aspiring author should know before even considering writing anything, and definitely before submitting your completed manuscript. You not only have to please your readers you need to get your work past the agents and editors out there too! The whole thing sounds pretty tough, but with this book, I am positive, Sue Moorcroft and her author friends will help you. I thoroughly recommend it.

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