REVIEW: Love Out Loud, Long Line of Love book 2 by Marilyn Lee from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Love Out Loud, Long Line of Love book 2
Author: Marilyn Lee
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Interracial / Contemporary
Rating: E-rotic
Publication date:
ISBN: 9781419915482
Length: Plus Novel
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

Having met the Grayhawks at Tempest’s rehearsal dinner, Benai Peters feels a connection with the handsome Randall, while it seems the gorgeous Bancroft has decided he has felt one with her. Not understanding the family dynamics involved with these men she is hurt, confused, yet drawn to Randall while trying to get someone to explain the things everybody wants to avoid talking about to her.

Randall has sworn never to give away his heart, but can’t seem to stay away from Benai even though his brother Bancroft has “staked a claim” as it were. Now he must deal with his brother’s anger as well as his own feeling of betraying his family. Things just go right to hell in a hand basket from there.

Siblings taking sides in a large family, sassy women standing up for themselves, hard- headed men; what more could I want in a good book? Well there’s some really incredible sex, plus I’m a sucker for a man who does his love talk in Cherokee. Maybe we might get a few phrases with translations, please? The people in this story seemed so real after the first few pages that I forgot they were simply characters created in the authors imagination. This is becoming an emotionally impacting series as it covers so many aspects of the human psyche. I’m so looking forward to each new addition as it becomes available.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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