REVIEW: Love on the Dark Side ~ Anthology ~ Virgin Black Lace


Title: Love on the Dark Side
Author: Various (See below)
Publisher: Virgin Black Lace
Publish Date: November, 2007
Genre: Erotica / Paranormal / Anthology
ISBN-13: 9780352341327
Length: 269 pages
Format: Print

This collection of Paranormal erotica from Black Lace is a deliciously dark fiction, beginning with What Witches Want where Lilith wants to be dominated by a man who isn’t scared of her. I mean, what man in his right mind would dare overpower a witch who could get her own back by making him spend the rest of his days as a frog? It’s magical fun with a spellbinding twist by Mathilde Madden.

Author, Olivia Knight, tells of the heart-wrenching struggle to stay together is highlighted in the tale of The Black Knight who is lured from the arms of his betrothed by a cruel Queen’s evil spell that governs his every waking hour. Will they ever be reunited again? Something tells me Ms. Knight had her own knight in mind with this beautiful fairytale like story.

An Earthquake in Lemington Spa causes Mrs. Townsend to have an affair with Harry Wilkins, a butler transported from the year 1909! The lusty sex in this arousing read is off the Richter Scale! A smashing, fun tale of time travel by Kristina Lloyd!

Marine biologist Maris’ head is swimming when she gets just what she desires when a life-changing meeting with a sick merman requires her expertise, and love finds a way to survive, no matter what the penalty. A Stranger to my Shores by Sophie Mouette makes a splash with this sweet and tender romance where two very different people yearn to be together, against all odds.

A visit to the ladies room turns out to be quite a shock for Kristy, who falls prey to the ravishing Raffe, a vampire who seduces and takes her home to meet his ancient friend, Lucius. Although she wants to run, Kristy cannot resist their powerful charms. One drink is never enough, in Lust for Blood written rather well by Madelynne Ellis.

Whilst holidaying in Greece alone, after dumping her boyfriend just before, Vanessa (Ness) scours Archaeology Museums and admires the perfect bottoms of statues. She meets Phoebe and her sister Xander, and a holiday she is never to forget spirals out of carnal control, in Janine Ashbless’ Sun Seeking Greek beach romp.

Power Play, by Katie Doyce is a great sci-fi story about the super heroes (Vindicators) of Mercury Bay, and how one woman, Jessica, who also goes by the name of Timbre, uses some special techniques to capture the heart of Cinder, an escaped naughty boy. But it’s her week off, if she turns him in that would be work, so she puts her plan in action to keep him detained. After all, she’s supposed to be on holiday! A delightful tale of cunning tactics, sensational vibes, and superhuman power play! It’s funny, sexy and out of this world.

True love never runs smooth, but when Allison’s husband dies, she feels her life plunge into turmoil and begs for a sign of his everlasting love. The Shadow of Mathew by Gwen Masters is truly a heart warming and haunting cavort where even in death, love will prevail.

Both Susan and Meg are learning Magic for Beginners from a dominate Master of Magic who teaches them one by one, how to really connect to him, each other and objects around them – as he looks on and watches the magical lesson of passion unfolds. A juicy story of domination and submission, cleverly disguised.

A lesbian discovers that for the first time she is besotted by a man, and after practicing the technique of lucid dreaming manages to have secret rendezvous with her dream lover Casey in Sweet Dreams by A.D.R.Forte.

Heather Towne write about the telepathic abilities of Laura, which make for a sizzling read in The Girl of His Dreams as she steps into the dreams of Perkin Miller and deliberately manipulates his mind, with startling consequences.

On the deserted island of Torishima, Teresa Noelle Roberts writes a seductive tale about a woman who meets a Kitsune, who is a spirit-fox and a notorious trickster, and one hell of a sly plan in the entertaining To Stand Between the Wild and the Human.

Watching the Detective is a splendid tale about what happened one Midsummer’s Eve as Vicky settles down to watch a twelve-hour marathon of her favourite telly programme, The Detective, with her boyfriend Sam. Erotic dreams mingle with reality. Another highly charged story from Portia Da Costa.

In Mae Nixon’s All I want for Christmas virgin Carole accidentally finds herself caught up in a spell by watching a dirty film called Succubus Sluts. A seasonal and jolly treat for the disconcerting erotica reader!

Finally, Steve’s obsession with the cult icon Lisette, is dangerously out of control. As the president of her fan club, he is thrilled when she invites him to her house to meet her. But surely, if it was the real Lisette, she would be very old by now? Not to be deterred he wastes no time and agrees to meet with his idol whom no woman in his life could ever match up to. A salacious story with a tantalising shocker of an ending!. The End of the Pier by Angel Blake is a spectacular treat for the ending of this book!

All of these short, darkly sensual paranormal stories will touch you in ways you never dreamed a book could. Each talented author has produced an engrossing tale filled to the brim with intelligence, fun and pure supernatural sauciness. Every story in this collection is a winner. These paranormal activities are drawn from the authors’ darkest, erotic fantasies to send pleasant chills down your spine and linger on in your mind long after you finish reading.

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