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Title: Looking Glass Portal
Author: Larraine Wills
Website of Author:
Publisher: Swimming Kangaroo Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Date: January 2007
ISBN: Paperback 1-934041-18-1 ; MS Reader 1-934041-17-3
Length: 372 pages
Format: Paperback, MS Reader, Mobi, PDF, HTML

Garrett Maniam is fixing fence in the time-honored cowboy way with his horse
Boss standing beside him when a weird and stinky creature appears. It stinks so bad the horse runs into the barbed wire fence and started screaming from the pain. ‘It’ points something at Garrett and a beam takes much of one arm away plus puts a huge hole in the right chest. That’s when Garrett meets Midradina, Emissary of the Thornns, as he begins to lose consciousness. When he comes to, he is in a strange space craft. Cowboy in space.

Aliens, danger, even drugs, have their place in this story. Garrett must
learn many skills and rules in a ship where days merge with nights and time
passes at a pace Garrett cannot follow accurately. As time goes by, Garrett
faces death more than once and welcomes it; but each time he escapes the
final end. Will he ever develop a desire to live? To welcome others to
develop friendships and maybe a new love from a woman he’s never met?

Looking Glass Portal explores a very human condition in an alien world. Ms.
Wills explores what can happen to a man who’s lost all desire to live
because he faces a future in which his whole body is paralyzed from a back
injury. There is also a humorous touch such as the liquor, what Garrett
calls moonshine, puts a whole new look on drunkenness. Then there are the
Glemms: a fur-ball that resembles a six-legged spider and turn out to be
pets. It’s a story that will delight readers of many genres including, but
not limited to, mystery, romance, war, and science fiction. I recommend
Looking Glass Portal as a fast and fun-loving read.

Larriane loves to write, even more than she loves to read although she still
does both in many, many genres. To help her readers keep those genres
straight and know what to expect when a new work comes out, she’s broken
them into two pen names, Larriane Wills for fantasy and science fiction and
Larion Wills for romance. Don’t let the spellings fool you, they’re
pronounced the same, just like Marion. When not reading or writing Larriane
spends her time with her family living in the high desert of the Arizona
mountains, studying American Sign Language and always watching for that
beginning of a new story. Larion has three coming publications: Mourning
Meadow (Oct), Thirteen Souls (Nov) and Mark of the Sire (Dec), with a forth
scheduled for release in Nov of 2008, tentatively titled Little Sam’s Angel.
She invites you all to visit her site; for updates,
blurbs, excerpts, contest and various other things.

Lucille P Robinson Reviewer
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