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Little Angels by Amy Romine

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I am reviewing Amy Romine’s Little Angels. When special agent Meredith Richards goes undercover for the NYPD, she gets so heavily involved, Nick MacFarlane her partner, is sent in to pull her out. Here are my thoughts

^^ I have to admit, all I knew about this book is that it is written by a romantic suspense author, so I guess I was expecting a simple romantic suspense, right? How wrong I was! In fact, I got a whole lot more than I bargained for than just a will-they-won’t-they-get-together romance.

^^ Little Angels storyline is layered with a dark subject matter, that would shock the most hardened criminals; namely child abuse and child sex trafficking. I felt like I was getting a serious, gritty crime/police procedural novel with a hot romance thrown in. There is nothing light-hearted about this book!

^^ That said, the story developed well, with the tricky, quite horrific subject matter being handled with skill and delicacy by the author. There are also some shocking moments which help to propel the story forward. Like I said, this is not your typical love story.

^^ What I like his how the two main characters have to not only deal with the monstrous villains they’ve become involved with as part of their undercover jobs, but how their relationship is affecting their work life. Or should that be how their work life is affecting their relationship?

^^ As the story progresses and develops into an engrossing read, so does the romance between Meredith and Nick.

^^ Will they be able to survive witnessing some horrific sights that will be forever burned into their brains?

Overall: Little Angels is a cross between a gritty crime novel and a romance; once could say “a romantic suspense with a difference”. There’s a few unexpected twists along the way; especially towards the end as the pace picks up for the final showdown. And yes, I got my will-they-won’t-they romance fix. An explosive, if not brutal at times, romance.
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