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Title: Liberation
Author: Linda Ambrosia
Website of Author:
Publisher: Lavender Isis Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: July 2007
ISBN: Not assigned
Length: 233 pages
Format: Electronic PDF

Bess Hawkins, born in Michigan and reared in Ann Arbor, Mississippi, in a communal atmosphere, met her match when she met Rama Chandra, an Arabic refugee who had come to live in Sunbeam Township located near Lake Michigan.

Bess saw herself as a liberated woman and had a built-in disgust for the way people like Rama treated their women in the East. Rama decided Bess needed someone like him to teach her what a woman should be. Sparks flew from the outset, but Bess was used to that kind of action since she was daily on the receiving end of insults from everyone in the town and at Sunbeam School. She felt ready for a fight and wasn’t afraid to have it. However, things didn’t go the way she’d planned especially when her heart betrayed her by falling in love with Rama. Their love wasn’t well received and Rama and Bess found themselves fighting for the right to love each other and be married as they desired. Hope is not an element that likes to give up and lie still no matter the obstacles. Obstacles included Bess’s uncle Jason Trask and his daughter and son, both of whom had grown up in a mansion.

Arabic customs vs. American cultures are at work in this novel. Low class vs. high class is also at work. Northern United States differs from the Southern states almost as much as both sections differ from the Arabian culture, yet love is the same no matter where one finds it.

Many people are forced to grow up being shunned by their peers for one thing or another and many grow up without family and friends. This book shows one such person who lost her parents and was forced to grow up experiencing all of this. Liberation also shows how one can live courageously through it all and come out a winner. The book is a must read. A wonderful story of
heartache being overcome with happiness.

The author wrote:

“My book Liberation is a clean, old fashioned romance, directly patterned after the romance novels of the past.” So if you liked the early Harlequin Romances, Emily Loring, and other romance novels of that caliber, you’ll love Liberation. No foul language, no sex scenes, make this
book available to women of all ages.

About the author:

Born and raised in Detroit, I only left Michigan once, when I toured Europe (including Britain) as a singer in my high school’s chorus. In the early eighties, met the man I was to marry when he walked into the gas station where I worked at the time. I’m the proud parent of four children, all grown with one in the Navy, and am now an equally proud grandmother.

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