REVIEW: Leaves in the Wind ~ Gail DeYoung ~ Jasmine-Jade Enterprises ~Romance/Psychic

Title: Leaves in the Wind
Author: Gail DeYoung
Website of Author:
Publisher: Jasmine-Jade Enterprises
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Publication Date: August 2007
ISBN: 9781419980107
Length: 173 pages
Format: eBook

Tara Singer, an empathic telepath and social worker, has been assigned Dan Turner as a patient. Dan Turner’s little girl, injured inside and out during a train wreck, is in a coma and the doctor felt Dan needed someone who could assist him to accept that his little girl may not live.

Tara’s special skills allow her to experience Dan’s memories of his wife and child. It also allows Tara to become one with the comatose child and see her acting out her memories of her mother while surrounded by the fog of coma. It’s going to be difficult to get the little girl to turn loose memories of her mother to wake up and join her father in reality. As a result of this empathic activity with the child, Tara feels certain she’ll be able to help Dan get his daughter and his life back on track.

Although Tara has been taught not to become involved with her patients, she finds herself slipping into a relationship with Dan Turner and knows he’s not yet ready for another one. But what is a woman to do? Can she really sit back and let Dan walk away from her now that she believes he’s the man of her dreams and the answer to her prayers?

Having a comatose daughter myself, I can sympathize with Dan Turner’s grief and Tara’s desire to do everything she can to help Dan’s daughter return to reality. Love coupled with realistic expectations, positive actions, and a healthy faith in God really do make a difference in caring for an invalid, even one who seems to be unconscious all of the time.

Author Gail DeYoung has been involved with many aspects of the romance industry for nearly twenty years. Although “Leaves in the Wind” is her first published novel, she has been writing a variety of stories for years. She currently lives in Florida with her two children and her cat.

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

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