REVIEW: Latin Lover, Del Fantasma by Tina Bendoni from Aspen Mountain Press

Title: Latin Lover
Author: Tina Bendoni
Website of Author:
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Shapeshifter/ Erotic Romance
Publication date: March 2008
Publisher Rating: Erotic
ISBN: 978-1-60168-095-2
Length: 48 Pages
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

Working the late shift to pay off horrible Hank’s monetary debts he incurred in her name, Grace Ridge actually enjoyed working at Del Fantasma. What she didn’t like was the thought of another man getting involved in her life, especially an old, powerful vamp such as Eduardo seemed to be. When Hank proves to be truly dangerous, she’s glad Eduardo cares enough to protect her.

Alpha to the core and finding Grace exciting as well as sexy, Eduardodecides to simply step in and take care of her- whether she likes it or not. He didn’t figure on her being a woman who would only accept him on her terms which is a bit hard for him to take, but he’s not
Latin for nothing and proceeds to use those wiles (he thinks) to his advantage.

A feisty, strong woman and a smooth latin vamp, brought together by circumstance and a fruitcake. I loved the fact that although she knew she could do it on her own, she was strong enough to let him help her. I love this series, but alas it’s the same complaint always. They’re
simply not long enough and I’m always left wanting more. I found this a sensual, melting read with a good plot and great characters.

About the Author: I really don’t lead a very exciting life, so there isn’t much to tell about me. I am married with one cat that thinks she needs to be the center of attention whenever I am on the computer. My husband is my biggest supporter and fan, and always has been.


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