REVIEW: Lady Faulcon’s Rogue ~ Devlin O’Neill and Georgia Lynd

Title: Lady Faulcon’s Rogue
Authors: Devlin O’Neill and Georgia Lynd
Publisher: Blue Moon
Available at:
Genre: Erotica/Historical
Publication Date: October 2006
ISBN-10: 1562015206
ISBN-13: 978-1562015206
Length: 203 pages Format: Print

Entertaining and Moving!

Set in an age of kings and castles, knights and nobility, peasants and wenches, ‘Lady Faulcon’s Rogue’ is an immensely enjoyable tale of chivalry and adventure, intrigue and betrayal, romance and spanking.

Devlin O’Neill and Georgia Lynd weave a wonderful tale that will transport the reader to 14th century England where beautiful young Lady Bess Faulcon is forced to flee into the night after brigands raid the castle she and her mother now call home. But Lady Bess eludes her would be captors with a cunning and bravery not expected from an 18 year-old girl. Now a fugitive, she falls into the hands of Owen Rhys and his band of men. Is he a rogue who will ransom Lady Bess to the villain who raided her home or is he her savior who will reunite Bess with her mother who was snatched during the raid and is now being held prisoner?

This is the scenario presented by Mr. O’Neill and Ms. Lynd in a most satisfying and enjoyable manner. Adventure and romance will thrill the reader. Colorfully vivid characters will catch your imagination. And the spanking will make your pulse pound. Highly recommended, ‘Lady Faulcon’s Rogue’ will provide the reader with an entertaining and moving experience.

This is the first collaboration between the two authors, who have since written a marvelous second novel, ‘A Fine Deceit’. Here’s hoping Devlin O’Neill and Georgia Lynd are busy creating a third.

Reviewed by Michael Reviewer

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1 thought on “REVIEW: Lady Faulcon’s Rogue ~ Devlin O’Neill and Georgia Lynd

  1. Ah! So you corrected the misspelling, did you? I’m pleased to see that – but do NOT blame my failing eyesight for seeing that you had DEVLYN rather than DEVLIN O’Neill listed as author of this book. They have woodsheds in East Anglia, and I’ll find one for you if you keep that up, missy. *G* -DEVLIN O’Neill

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