REVIEW: Just Wait by Rowan McBride from Dark Eden Press

Title: Just Wait
Author: Rowan McBride
Website of Author:
Publisher: Dark Eden Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: M/M Twincest
Publication date: July 2007
Rating: Erotic
ISBN: Unassigned
Length: 6,834 Words
Format: e-book

This is an extremely short story of twin brothers finally away from
their parents at college. They are Drayners with the power to actually drain away someone else’s size, strength, energy. Mark is the stronger of the two and has the ability to keep whatever he drains from others. Travis can only borrow this energy and it wears off in less than an hour.

Away from the structure of home and others with those abilities the power goes to Marks head and he intends revenge on Ryan who had dared confront Travis and humiliate him.

This seem to be an extremely short story not only in length but content. The hunger for power and the ego attached is all consuming, but in the end he has not become better, only stronger. Ready to rule the world.

About the Author:

Born an Air Force brat, Rowan McBride has traveled the world, earned two degrees, bought a dog, and is now residing in South Texas. When he’s not at his day job, you can usually find him playing his guitar or climbing a big, scary rock. He lives with Hoover, the Big Mutt, who has decided that wireless routers make for great chew-toys. Rowan is currently working on several projects that have a good chance of being finished soon if nothing shiny comes across his path to distract him.

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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