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Reviewer: WitchGiggles

How far are you willing to go to save the one you love, even before you know exactly how much you love them? That’s a question that’s answered in this tale of a contemporary romance with some startling effects that has nothing to do with the normal Fourth of July fireworks everyone is expecting. Zed has always adores Alex and is afraid that when he hears voices Alex may think he’s nuts. Yet when not only Alex, but their other friends hear them as well, Zed is relieved until things start getting rather hinky in the freaky department.

It’s when things start hitting the skids that friends either stand or fall and we find what we’re made of. So it goes for the two men who simply offer their time to their friends and find out that sometimes there are things that have gotten lost, belong to another time and place and try to claim “others” for themselves.What should have been three days of together time for a group of good friends turns into a miasma of moody, chaotic and even frightening times.

The premise of the book is cool as I’m a bit nuts myself and enjoy finding others who appeal to me. Do I enjoy tracing things that go bump in the night? You betcha! Yet I can’t help but feel that as interesting as this book is there are places that lacked “fleshing”. Everyone kept alluding to Zed’s “incident” and while we’re given bare bones on it, I can’t help thinking it would have expanded both our knowledge and our feelings for each of the friends involved had it been given more depth. Also while we’re told a bit of the who and the why, I’m still left with a loft of the questions of what, when, where, how come. I still enjoyed the hot sex and wicked sense of humor and it made me laugh a couple of times and picture the scenes in my mind more than a few so over all this is a good read.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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