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Title: Invoking Angels For Blessings, Protection, and Healing
Author: Rabbi David A Cooper
Publisher: Sounds True
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Inspirational / Alternative Healing / Judaism
Publication date: 2006
ISBN 13: 97815911795186
Length: 104 pages
Format: Paperback / CD
CD: Guided Meditations and Prayers 1 hour in length

Master kabbalist, scholar and story teller, Rabbi David A. Cooper, has produces a complete programme of daily meditations and prayers to help readers to connect to their angels and find self empowerment. This alternative view into the world of angels, ancient history and sacred text, includes an 1 hour CD with guided meditations and prayers to assist you on your journey of discovery and increased awareness.

If you have ever felt there was more to this life than what the eye can see, and what society expects us to believe, and deja vu, coincidences are messages sent to those who can read them from a higher force, then this book is for you. You do not have to be a believer of any faith, although you are taken back to ancient teachings of the Torah, the Bible, and other sacred texts purely to assist you in understanding how it all came about. Admittedly, you can’t pass a high street shop these days without seeing some sort of angel for sale, so there is no denying these divine creatures do capture our hearts and imagination, and this book is intended to compliment these beliefs via meditation and prayer, although not necessarily expecting you to think of angels as creatures with wings.

The CD includes:

An Archangel meditation for open-heartedness and courage
A Guardian Angel meditation for protection in any situation
A meditation on the Divine Presence (the Shekhina), invoking the “supreme” angels, Metatron and Sandalphon, to experience profound awareness and sufficiency.

I found it rather exciting, the idea of invoking angels for guidance is very appealing for me, however, it must be said there is no quick fix and information like this can increase your awareness of angels, and the energies they represent to open you to new possibilities over a period of time.

Reviewer: Sassy Brit

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