REVIEW: In the Mood ~ Paul Hupton ~ Authorhouse ~ Crime/Mystery/Thriller

Title: In The Mood
Author: Paul Hupton
Website of Author:
Publisher: Authorhouse
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Crime/Mystery/Thriller
Publication Date: May 9, 2007
ISBN: 9781425982515
Length: 415 pages
Format: Paperback, PDF

Phillip Graves, a detective at the New Scotland Yard, is losing it over his partner’s death that happened months earlier. As a result, his boss has made arrangements for him to take a long break from NSY by going home for a few weeks vacation after which he’ll take on a job in his home town police department.

Just before Graves’ boss orders him to take the leave, Phillip hears his father has been attacked and is now in hospital. Phillip returns home to support his mother and try to find his father’s attacker. Before the first day of his leave is over, Phillip is drawn into a mystery much deeper than just who attacked his father.

Graves and Morgan, who is assigned as Graves’ partner, hits the road looking up people and facts concerning those people who seem to be involved. Soon, a body is found and Graves begins his search for the victim’s identity; thus revealing that the mystery goes all the way back to 1943 during WWII. The two detectives follow many clues, many red herrings, to eventually arrive at the truth, not only for the deceased victim, but also for Graves and his father with a surprise ending you’ll never forget.

The story begins with two chapters about a young couple about to become separated because of the war followed by a chapter about an huge truck carrier carrying a heavy load that hits the bridge. These two chapters lay the ground work for the mystery that follows. Some writers argue that information such as contained in these first chapters should be given as flashbacks, but I prefer for short quick chapters that lay down the foundation for the story to come first. In this fashion I have the details in my head and can follow the mystery’s unfolding more efficiently.

Mr. Hupton has written a good story, which obviously required many hours of research, and brought it to a satisfying end. An author well worth watching.

About the Author:

Like most people with an interest in crime and thriller stories I am a life-long admirer of traditional authors like Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, as well as more contemporary authors like PD James, Ruth Rendell and James Patterson. It is the influence of these authors and the encouragement of my family that has led to my first novel. I live in Manchester, England. I have been a civil servant for the last 20 years, a Chartered Civil Engineer. I decided to write my first book, IN THE MOOD, a couple of years ago and I am glad to say it is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and publisher, Authorhouse’s own website. I have recently converted my book into an Ebook for sale with Mobipocket for Amazon and directly from my website at I am currently putting together a P.R. briefing with my publisher to launch IN THE MOOD. I have my second novel in outline and the basic idea behind a third. Each contain the same lead character. I hope to launch some P.R. about my book shortly.

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson
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