REVIEW: In Service by J.C. Natal from Dark Roast Press

Title: In Service
Author: J.C. Natal
Website of Author:
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Genre: Thriller, M/M, Erotic Fiction
Publication Date: August 2008
Length: 515 Pages
Format: eBook
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

In a modern time where sex and prostitution is turned into servitude in order to keep it safe for both sides, where Lords hold power where they will and spoiled is a normal state of being, Elias Doherty is about to set in motion more trouble than ever conceived by his little mind. All because he wants one spectacularly beautiful Servant trained for one exceptionally powerful and unforgiving Lord.

Jared Karan, trained from a small child to be the sexual slave of a lord knows no other way of life, misunderstands why he is being “thrown away” to this other lord and is afraid to trust in the one thing he has never known in his entire adult life- the love of an adult for his unworthy person; but with slow steps he slowly learns that he can make decisions for himself and trust his own heart.

At the very beginning of this I thought it was going to turn into “simply another spoiled boy getting his way” type of romance. Ms. Natal however, gave me a very surprising wake up call in that this was a book that never got boring, never dragged, always had things going on that you never expected and most of all the characters are stunning to watch in their growth and the sex was enough to scorch. I recommend this one most heartily.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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