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Now, may I introduce you to my very first review of an erotic book – ever!  Waaaay back in 2005.  Had to share!

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Title: In Disgrace

Author: Penny Birch

Publisher: Virgin/ NEXUS Books UK 

Genre: Erotica / Female submission / Spanking

Publication date: December, 2004

ISBN: 0 352 33922 5

Length : 244 pages


In DisgraceIn Disgrace by Penny Birch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of my #ThrowbackThursday Reviews! (Never posted here before!)

“…Natasha Linnett, a truly bad girl — who must be punished. A spanking good read!”

Famous for her connections as La Peche, the last model and muse of the late artist Phillipe Faucon, naughty Natasha Linnett finds herself comfortably rich from the sale of his looted paintings. With three secret admirers, rubber doggie bones, a lover with a foot fetish and plenty of disciplining men who are happy to dominate her, what more could a girl like Natasha want? (Other than to enjoy the fruits of her labour with lots of kinky sex and to stay out of the public eye?)

After Natasha enjoys a romp with Percy Ottershaw in Regent’s park, and a good spanking, her decision to keep a low profile is squashed when her saucy antics are captured on film. Glutton for punishment, we follow the ‘lengths’ she has to go through to retrieve the photo’s from discerning paparazzi Andy Devlin. Will she get them back, before her face (or rather bare bottom) is splashed all over the newspapers? And who is the third illusive secret admirer she cannot track down?

If you are a fan of Penny Birch’s work already, as many of you are, you will no doubt be familiar with the amazing high level of sexual content there is in her books. If, like me, you are new to this genre, then you’re in for a real treat. Penny Birch is the mistress of erotica and a wonderfully talented writer. Drawing information from a mixture of real life experiences and a vivid imagination, Penny Birch delves into the explicit thoughts and fantasies of down to earth characters in contemporary, believable settings. Moreover, In Disgrace has a strong story line, a gift when it comes to attracting readers and clearly evident in the quality and quantity of her writing. I liked the fact that this story follows on from Peach and When she was Bad, and for that added touch, you will often find Penny Birch’s characters know and interact with each other. Even six books later, Natasha Linnett is truly a bad girl — who must be punished.

A spanking good read!

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[Reviewed May, 2005]

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