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I’ve also reviewed Sheila O’Flanagan’s latest book, “What Happened That Night”, which is being posted tomorrow!  (I liked it more than this one…) If You Were Me
If You Were Me by Sheila O’Flanagan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m reviewing “If you were me” by Sheila O’Flanagan. Here’s what I thought:

^^ Career girl, Carlotta, has been engaged to Chris for quite some time, and she pretty much knows where her life is heading, she knows what she wants and she is about to get it all- including marriage. But when she goes to Seville, she bumps into an old flame; someone who disappeared on her under odd circumstances leaving her broken-hearted. Suddenly, it would seem her life is not as perfect as she first thought. Now she must face the biggest dilemma of them all. What’s a girl to do for the best?

^^ This book was published in 2014, however, I recently picked up her latest book, and thought I’d try an earlier story, too.

^^ I’ve not read Sheila O’Flanagan before, but I do like to indulge in a romance or two, in between my crime and thrillers. (I need a less intense pace sometimes!) The amount of books she has written alone has intrigued me for quite some time, so here I am. Happily, I’ve discovered I really like her writing style and how easy it is to flick through the pages at lightening speed to find out the final outcome.

^^ My only complaint is that Carlotta kind of unrealistically took a massive gamble with her career, and it did not seem something a career woman, who’d worked so hard to get where she was, would do. Also, the author does like to go into a lot of extraneous detail of which was a little unnecessary.

^^ The style is very chatty and the will-they-won’t-they romance is endearing. There are some lovely, memorable scenes and I rooted for Carlotta to make the right choices. (Even if she didn’t do as ‘I’ wanted!) Incidentally, there’s a Chris Vs Luke flowchart which made me smile, it’s so very businesslike. I know someone who’s done that…

Overall: This is very much a family drama, as it is a romance. I can see why this author is so popular. “If You Were Me” is a very easy read, with lots going on and it would make a great beach book.

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