REVIEW: Hunter’s Revenge, World’s Apart 2, Sequel to Taliff’s Cure by Bonnie Rose Leigh from eXtasy Books

Title: Hunter’s Revenge, World’s Apart 2 (Sequel to Taliff’s Cure)
Author: Bonnie Rose Leigh
Website of Author:
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Fantasy-Si-fi
Publication date: September 2007
Rating: 4 Flames
ISBN: 1-55410-995-7
Length: 182 Pages
Format: e-book

Hunter Shi’Lan needs to find his mate. His brother Taliff has
recently mated and he knows his mate was captured in a raid on his brother’s ship. Nothing will stop him even the Black Rose, who has held his mate and many other females for breading purposes. His biggest problem will be how to convince his mate that not all men are cruel and that not all intercourse is painful. He must give her some freedom while keeping her safe, and yet he wants to never have her out of his sight.

Amy Morgan was born on Earth a Lionese woman. She was kidnapped from Taliff’s ship on her way to a new planet where she could live freely as a shape-shifter and maybe find a mate. Once freed by Hunter she is skeptical of his intentions and learns that her captor the Black Rose is actually his sister. She wants revenge and learning her family, parents, sister and brother, were later taken as well. She wants them back. Not even Hunter will stop her from claiming them, but she must also learn to trust him to help her.

This story is captivating in more ways that one. Freedom from captivity for Amy leads to the complicated recovery period were trust is not easily given. There is a compelling desire to give herself to Hunter but a equal desire to stay away. The dialogue and interaction between characters is well written and gives us more than just a glimpse of their internal torment. With the drama of a inter species assault on the evil Black Rose there is much to keep the readers
interest. I will certainly be waiting for the next instalment of World’s Apart.

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