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Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2017 by Hugh Johnson

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This review is from: Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2017 (Hardcover)

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I am reviewing the book, Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2017 by Hugh Johnson. Here are my thoughts:

^^ This is a comprehensive book that shows quick reference vintage charts on the front inside covers and on the back inside covers an interesting list of back-label laboratory analysis and temperature levels for different wines can be found.

^^ This covers everything from how to use the book, grape varieties to wines found by region.

^^ I love the ‘if you like this type of wine, you must try this one…’ ideas.

^^ As for the look and appeal of this book, the cover is a delectable shiny, gold and burgundy wine colour, of which is really appealing. Maybe it’s because it is the 40th anniversary edition? (The picture here does not do it justice).

Overall: A great pocket sized book to pop in your bag (or pocket) when dining out and trying new wines. Also a good reference book in order to get an idea if you are going to like a particular wine, especially when some years are pricier, yet better than others. I’ve learnt a lot from this book and as a wine lover, I have branched out and tried many different wines than I normally do. I particularly love Spanish wine so those pages are well thumbed… Can you tell I love my wine?

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