REVIEW: Hot Couture by Tilly Greene from Phaze

Title: Hot Couture
Author: Tilly Greene
Publisher: Phaze
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance w/Bondage, D/s, Menage and More
Publication date: April 2008
Publisher’s Rating: 4-5 Novas
ISBN: 978-1-59426-048-3
Length: 272 Pages/Collection
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

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The Leather Bride
It’s fashion week in New York City and it’s a madhouse with parties and the parades of the designers on the runways. Between being the muse of one designer, and finding the love of her life, Mimi St. John has it all. Until he leaves.

Rick Milston has found the woman who makes him complete. He’s made just one itty bitty mistake; when the opportunity of a lifetime comes along he leaves without telling Mimi why, thinking she will understand he still loves her. It’s the runway finale which will make or break the pair of them.

This is one HOT little read. There is a total fullness with style, wit, and an ending that requires the fan on high, a glass full of an icy drink and I really would like to see some pictures in her stories just to satisfy my imagination. Mimi and Rick are two amazing people that come across as very real, likable individuals.

Taming Marie Antoinette
Having moved to Paris to do her doctorate on the history of the world of Haute Couture, Liana Trudeau had decided to let down her hair at the famous Depravity Dance. One must keep one’s self healthy by keeping the stress down, after all.

Having been in Paris for several months dealing with the French government in order to restore one of the historical buildings, both Thorn and James Michaud fell into lust at first sight when they spotted Liana at the Depravity Dance. They are more than willing to fulfil her every wish.

Oh, to be young and, well, it’s a lovely dream. Ms. Greene just gets better with each story and though there are elements of bondage, it’s so erotically written that you just want to be there to see it in person. She brings to life these elements and makes them visually possible through the written word. Her characters are so “people next door” that you almost expect to run into them when you turn around.

The Gilded Cage
As a jeweller invited to participate in a fantastic show, Gabrielle Porter seeks an unusual outlet to reduce the level of stress so she can concentrate. What she finds is the man who makes her feel completed.

A man whose business it is to convince other businesses to be environmentally efficient, as well as half owner of a private club, Max Stephenson never expected to get caught in the snare of wanting only one woman. Not until he met Gabby, who was the other half of him; wanting the same things he wanted, in the same way he wanted them.

This last story has probably the strongest elements of the bondage lifestyle, but again it is done in such a way as to be beautifully erotic, while sensually stimulating. For me this was a graphic, yet exciting look at a lifestyle all too often hidden and kept secret. Bravo for bringing it into the light. The entire collection is well worth the read and I always look forward to reading anything this author writes.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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