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Reviewed by Blodeuedd
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This is Nancy Holzner‘s second book about Vicky, a shapeshifter and demon slayer. If you have a problem with demons then she will come in and fix it, even while you dream if that’s where they are haunting you. She is the girl to call. No job is too small.

I was not in love with book 1, it was good, but for some reason I had issues with it. But I still wanted to know what happened and here something showed up that gave me that drive to really want to know. Now I can’t tell you because that is a spoiler. But it gets interesting when something bad happening…The stakes are high, the fight is on, there is drama and most of all, questions. Questions that made me sit up in my chair wanting to scream. I needed to know, and then I know. And then, well then I needed to see it finished. What can I say, something good happens (ok bad, but you get the picture). It’s interesting and it will keep you turning the page faster and faster.
It’s hard to say anything about this book without spoiling it all. Vicky will fight for her life again. Things are not easy in Boston. Her werewolf boyfriend is in DC trying to give everyone rights. The zombies in Deadtown are preparing for a concert and demons are popping up as usual.
Romance then, Kane is away in DC and she misses him. All while seeing the human cop Daniel, whom she also likes. But there is never a triangle going on. It’s more that she is dating, Kane is always busy. But I did start to like Kane more in this one.
The book is better than the first in my opinion, and hopefully it will get better and better.

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