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Title: Hatred is the Key

Author: Graham Sclater
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Fiction/War
ISBN:  978-0956397713
Length: 317 pages
Format: Paperback / KINDLE  eBook /

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Hatred is the Key is a story about a group of Americans who were captured in the war between Great Britain and America in 1812. Having been defeated, the Americans became prisoners and were kept in a prison known as Dartmoor Depot in Plymouth, England. Conditions were horribly dishonorable to any human. The prisoners slept in hammocks and ate whatever they were given. Fights broke out that sometimes ended in death. One doctor tended to all, no matter the ailment. Many died from diseases and wounds. Yet amidst it all love found a way to bud in the hearts of the men in prison and women who met them. Long after the war was over the few that were left managed to get home to America.

If the descriptions of the prison are accurate, this story is really an eye-opener. The conditions prisoners have to face and live in as prisoners of war is something we all need to understand. Perhaps we will develop a little more compassion for our men and women who are out there fighting our country’s battles.  Graham Sclater promises the story will be continued, so be on the lookout for a sequel.

Author Bio:

Author Graham Sclater is based in Devon where he works as a music publisher, songwriter and record producer. Prior to returning to Devon he was a professional musician playing and recording all over the world and working as a session musician with numerous artists. His first novel “Ticket to Ride” was published in 2006 followed by “We’re gonna be famous” in 2009. He is currently working on a number of television series, screenplays and further novels.

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