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Title: Guardian Noon-Common Ground Series-Book Two
Author: Anthony Stevens
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Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.
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Genre: Thriller/Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: November 17, 2008
Length: abt. 114 pages
Format: eBook
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Captain Khalid, the terrorist leader in Guardian Dawn Common Ground Book One who had disappeared, returns with a whole new set of followers. He makes plans for his next move determined not only to cause fear and chaos for as many Americans as he can, but he also wants to destroy the Guardians.

The Guardians are a special group of people who have the ability to communicate with animals. Guardian Noon continues the story of the Guardians fight against terrorists. Even with the help of animal friends, danger abounds for each of the group.

The Guardian Series brings its readers to an awareness of just how terrorists can infiltrate day to day living and cause chaos and death in such a short time. Too bad our country doesn’t have the resources the Guardians do. The story suggests terrorists are constantly mentioning Allah in one way or another and that ordinary Americans can be connected in some way. In my own opinion, I’d be very careful around anyone, foreigners or Americans, who say, “May Allah be with you,” or any other reference to Allah. The Guardians set a good example of how we must be alert and observant if we are to be successful in fighting this type war.

One doesn’t have to read Guardian Dawn before reading Guardian Noon so if events have led a reader to Guardian Noon first, do pick up a copy of Guardian Dawn. The series promises to be very good. The one disappointment I’ve had reading Guardian Noon is that the Guardians didn’t seem to have any animal friends in the forests that covered the area where Khalid first puts in an appearance.

The stories have a little profanity, a little violence, a little sex mixed with a bit of fantasy and a lot of action. If a reader can handle those he/she will love the Common Ground series that tell the stories of the fight against terrorists. Mr. Stevens, who is quite proficient with computers and other technological gadgets, does a great job presenting the descriptions and information concerning these matters in a language that even techno-illiterates, of which I am chief, can understand.

Readers or viewers of action/adventure will probably like these stories and even get a new kick out of watching the animal friends in action. *smile*


I’m an olde pharte technogeek, writer, photographer, leathercrafter, Dom, car nut, SCAdian history freak, costumer, scale modeler and graphics enthusiast. I’ve gone by the handle Master Anthony Stevens from time to time, or just MAS. In Spanish, that is… MAS que los de mas, MAS de todo o’ MAS que nada.

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